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Sep 6, 2010

Have a nice day

sanket mani tripathi

Love And Anniversary

A Wedding Anniversary Is The Celebration Of Love

Trust, Partnership, Tolerance And Tenacity

The Order Varies For Any Given Year.

A Couples Anniversary Reoccure When , Both Partners Are More Concerned For Each Other Than They Are For Themselvels.

An Anniversary Is The Repetition Of Love Promises Made To Each Other , With Love The Marriage Gets Stronger.

Love Is An Action, An Anniversary Is Celebration Of Loving Commitment,

Anniversaries Remind You Of The Day That You Committed Yourselves To Each Other And The Fruits Of Love You Now Harvest...

Chains Do Not Hold A Marriage Together, It Is Threads Hundreds Of Tiny Threads Which Sew People Together Through Years Of Love And Anniversary


Happy Anniversary To

All Who're Celebration

There Anniversary

Have A Nice Day

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