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Dec 12, 2010

Tips on Love letter

Today we are going to discuss about the world of love, romance and imagination.
In love one experiences many things or rather we can say that one plays many games. One of these games is writing love letters, when your lover or beloved is far from you, you write your feelings. In today's world of technology love letters have transformed in soft copies like electronic mails and SMS.
But still they are love letters. So now I am going to give some tips on writing a love letter. The first thing is how you address your beloved! To write 'Dear' is old fashion now. Rather you can choose some names or adjectives from different language. For example, instead of writing 'beauty' or 'handsome' you can write the Spanish word 'Guapa' or 'Guapo' for the same meaning.
The most important thing for writing a genuine love letter is to be spontaneous. Do not ever try to exaggerate your feelings. Be genuine and be true! The exaggeration of feelings makes the letter look very artificial.
The other thing I would like to suggest is, do not write a very long letter. In that case the reader would be tired. Instead, make it concise. The repetition of sentences and your feelings is good if its only for two or three times, but more than that will look foolishness. Even in writing a love letter, you should be intelligent. So try to be intelligent instead of being an emotional fool.
Now a days people have stopped writing a letter on paper, instead, they prefer to send an e-mail. But today I am going to tell you a secret, that, a hand written letter has more importance than an e-mail.
So if you want to impress your lover or beloved, do take a piece of paper and start writing, and make your beloved feel his/ her importance. The importance of a love letter on paper is more than an e-mail. Now let me tell you the reason behind it. The first one is, that, its written by hand so it carries the touch and the feel of the writer. And one can keep it and can read whenever one wants. Because love e-mails cant be carried and cant be read. While writing, the writer imparts something of herself/ himself in it. So it carries more feelings.
Love is a matter of the world of imagination. So while writing a love letter, be imaginative and romantic. To write about the daily whereabouts would be boring. Everyone has his/her daily problems, so do not bother yourself by writing about them. But, of course you can share some serious and personal problems. It will make the reader feel more intimate.