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Jan 10, 2012

Most important thing in love

Love is the key winning element that always help us to overcome from any situation.
Love has divine powers in itself. when you are in love you feel much comfortable, motivated and Protected,Someone said "love is powerful, insightful and incredibly attractive"...and these lines are correct about love.
Love is what builds empires and creates giants. But what I know most of all is that without love, none of us would exist.
Love has many faces...

Love can be of your parents,

Love can be of your sister,

Love can be of your brother,but when it comes to someone called speacial,unique oftenly called lover,
it creates magic around you and this makes you feel speacial in your life.

In love you feel experience of a blissful and highly gratifying feeling that elicits a deep desire and enthusiasm to live one's life to the fullest.
"Love is a feeling "Only a person in love can feel and understand the feelings of another person enjoying the bliss of love, and sometimes its agonies too.
Even though love is not an easy term to define but if you want to know, what is love then do come in the ocean of love and feel the magic of love.
"Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever."

Love does not follow rules - it just happens.

Love can be a single word but it have many deep feelings within itself. These are care, understanding, devotion, dedication, respect for each other,
and sense of responsibility which makes this feeling so powerful and incredible.
Love is not a choice. It's a always wants commitment.

Most important thing in love - when your are in love "you have no control over yourself",that is called the magic of love.
Your ability to love others lies in direct proportion to your ability to love yourself.
Falling in love is natural process, you can't fall in love intetionally.Love is a strong and deep emotion for someone we like.
Where there is no love ,there is no life.without love living as a human is worthless..
Love someone and feel tha magic of love.

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